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Flooring, Hardwood Floors

Long lasting floors is something many homeowners want.  In fact, some go the extra mile to pick out the best hardwood floors, tile floors, carpet or engineered vinyl planks in order to NOT have to worry about their flooring buckling, warping or coming up in some way.  The sad thing is when it comes to flooring, that age-old adage doesn’t work… you know, the one that says, “you get what you pay for.”  In our experience, this isn’t always true.

You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For

Picture this:  you go with your beloved spouse to a flooring store here in Springfield, Missouri to pick out some high-quality floors.  You are greeted by a smiling salesperson who takes you through the gambit of what they have to offer.  After a bit of discussion and going back and forth with your other half, you agree to purchase some high-quality hardwood floors which will really give your forever home that extra character, finishing you wanted.  The salesmen also throws in flooring installation into the mix, you pick a date and you are one step closer to enjoying your long-lasting floors.  Or so you thought.

What your salesmen didn’t know was that the floors in your home were concrete – a substance no hardwood floor should be nailed to.  Nope, you actually needed a plywood subfloor or OSB subfloor, but how would you know?  Your job was to go pick out the type of floor you wanted, pick a time for the installers and then pay the pied piper.

The story doesn’t end here though – not only do the installers KNOW not to nail hardwood floors to concrete, they do it anyway because that is what they are told to do!  The problem with this is while you picked out beautiful high-quality hardwood floors, they aren’t going to last because they weren’t installed right.  After a bit of time, they begin to buckle, squeak and do all sorts of funny things because it wasn’t installed correctly!

Finding the RIGHT Flooring and the RIGHT Flooring Installers in SW Missouri

It can be difficult finding the right flooring products and the right flooring installers in SW Missouri, but it isn’t impossible.  Our recommendation is to always do a background check on the companies and workers you are sourcing to install your floors. 

  1. Check the Better Business Bureau for ratings.
  2. Check Angie’s List for reviews on contractors.
  3. Buy your flooring products from a reputable store in Springfield, Missouri.


Do You Have a Project in SW Missouri?  A Little About Direct Install Flooring Company

We at Direct Install LLC are located in SE Springfield, Mo and service areas such as Nixa, Ozark, Rogersville, Republic, Branson, Strafford and Marshfield in the Ozarks.  While we specialize in flooring products and flooring installation such as vinyl, tile, engineered hardwood, hardwood flooring, carpet, and laminate, we pride ourselves on our service, our floor installers and products.  This is why we have an A rating with the BBB.

We strive to provide the best flooring in SW Missouri and beyond.  Whether you are looking for quality flooring contractors, installers or construction management, our services include everything from flooring residential construction projects to custom flooring projects and large commercial flooring installation projects in SW Missouri. 

If you are interested in receiving a free flooring quote, give us a call at (417) 576-7052 and a representative will get back with you shortly and schedule a meeting.  We look forward to serving you!