Spotting a Shotty Tile Job

There is nothing quite like the disappointment of anticipating a beautiful flooring job, only to realize after everything is said and done, the contractor did a shotty tile job.  It gives us the hooboo jeebies!!  And seeing as Halloween is approaching fast, we aim to educate Springfieldians about what to look for in your tile floor.

Tile flooring, when installed properly, is absolutely stunning.  It can last for years, it is aesthetically pleasing, and is wonderful to have under your feet…Even in the winter!  We know a lot of people would rather have carpet instead of tile in SW Missouri because of the cold winters – but several of our clients opt to have warmwire under their tile during those chilly months to keep their feet warm for them, their family and their furbabies.

For hygiene freaks, ceramic tile flooring is perfect as it does not absorb fumes, smoke, odor, and retain liquids.

But how do you know someone installed your tile flooring, bathroom or kitchen backsplash correctly?  How can you spot a contractor doing a shotty tile job BEFORE the install is complete and they run off with your hard-earned cash?

It’s amazing how often we have gone into a client’s job and had to redo a job from an incompetent (or just lazy) contractor.  In fact, one of the sad truths about elderly living in Springfield, Mo. and surrounding areas is how often a contractor takes advantage of them in order to make a quick buck.

That’s why we took the time to sit down and write out what to do look for so you can catch a shotty tile job in the making – this won’t only save you money, but it can stop the many headaches awaiting in the near future.

Spotting a Shotty Tile Job – Things to Look Out For:

  1. Uneven grout lines

When you come in to inspect your floor contractor’s work, be sure to check the grout lines.  If they are all respectively the same size, including the lines near the wall and around your toilet in the bathroom, you can breathe a little easier.


  1. Crooked tiles

Mosiac and custom tile jobs aside, having crooked tiles is another thing you will want your contractor to take care of.  You can usually spot this by looking at the grout lines, but keep in mind, we have seen people purchase sub-par tile squares which can lead to uneven tile sizes.  Like above, uneven grout lines usually will give away the crooked tiles.

  1. Cracked tile after floor has been laid

Sometimes this can’t be helped, especially if your tile floor was installed over concrete substrate which cracked over time, or if the tile floor took a blow (such as something heavy falling on it).

Other times, it is the fault of the contractor.  For example, if the tile job was installed before the concrete substrate fully cured, you may get a cracked tile. Keep in mind, cheap or subpar tile also cracks a little easier than premium tiles.


  1. Wave your hand over the tile –is it even or wavy? Is it level?

This is something you usually can’t check until after the tile has been installed.  Run your hand over it, or do a visual check to see if there are waves and dips in the tile – then bring it up with your contractor!


  1. Bad transition between adjacent surfaces

An example of this would be a tiled tub wall meeting painted sheetrock, or a tile floor meeting a hardwood floor.  All transitions must be tight, clean and seamless – if not, you can assume either the contractor didn’t know what he was doing, or simply didn’t care!

All in all, there is nothing quite like the excitement of having a new floor installed only to feel absolutely livid when you realize the tile floor wasn’t installed correctly!  Our suggestion is to hire a reputable company in Springfield, Missouri by checking online FaceBook and Google Reviews, as well as seeing if your contractor or the flooring organization is on Angie’s list.  When it comes to flooring, a little bit of research goes a long way!

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