How the Wrong Floor Can Kill Your Business

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and having the wrong floor in your office can drastically affect your clients’ first impression of you while simultaneously affecting your bottom line.

For example, my associate and I used to frequent a lovely local coffee shop in Springfield, Mo.  Their coffee was exquisite, and like any designer coffee establishment, their coffee prices were comparable to a notable big chain which hails from Seattle, WA.  Anywho, we’ve been going there for some time and after a while, their laminate floors started coming up, peeling and chipping.  In fact, after a while, no matter how well they cleaned their floors, they still looked awful.

Over time, the clients’ perspective of the coffee shop was damaged and people started taking their business elsewhere.  Our theory was because they are paying top dollar for their caffeine fix in a boutique coffee shop which felt more and more like a cheap cafeteria.  My guess is the owner of the building wanted to cut costs and installed cheap laminate floors.  Could he/she have gone with a more durable laminate or vinyl?  Probably, but often landlords want to save money on construction and installation – it isn’t wrong, but it DID impact this particular business.

Simultaneously, the opposite can be true as well – if your business is one which offers discount services and products and you have quality hardwood floors or tile in your place of work, your potential clients may come in, get a feel for your office and decide before they even see your prices that your products and services are too expensive for them!

In short, what you want to take into consideration before installing floors in your place of work are the following factors:

  1. What kind of clients are you after?
  2. How do you want your potential clients to perceive you?
  3. Is your business going to have high or low traffic?
  4. Is your business going to be a restaurant or place which is around a lot of water?
  5. What is your budget?
  6. How soon are you looking to get your floors installed?

While this blog ties into a bit of branding and perception, the floor in your business establishment has the ability to make or break how your clients see you, as well as your bottom line.  Ensuring you get the right floors in your place of work is almost as important as the services and products you provide!

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