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The Best Floors in the Ozarks for Creeping Teenagers

As a homeowner, having the best floors in the Ozarks is something we all want – it increases the value of our homes, it looks beautiful and more importantly, it helps to know what your kids are up to in the house!

School has started, and for many parents in SW Missouri, high school is a new frontier for eager and curious teenagers.  In all honesty, I shudder at the thought of my teenage years and some of the shenanigans I’ve pulled, which is why we’ve taken the time to write this little article.  For all the parents out there worried about some of the stunts their teenagers may or may not pull while under their roof, we present to you a blog on the best floors in the Ozarks for creeping teenagers!

What are the Best Floors in the Ozarks for Creeping Teenagers?

If I remember back to my golden years, the thing which always put a damper on my late-night plans were my parents’ hardwood floors.  They were beautiful, stunning, but over time they begin to breathe and creek.  I wouldn’t get three steps towards the door before my parents knew I was up to something.

The reason hardwood floors creak so much is due to our lovely yet unpredictable weather patterns.  Spring and fall can feel like winter or summer – sometimes the extremes vary from day-to-day living!  As such, hardwood floors have a tendency to shrink and expand depending on variables such as heat and humidity.

In fact, when good flooring contractors in the Ozarks install hardwoods, they often do their work with the air conditioner at full blast – this is so the wood shrinks, your install the hardwood floors, and when the A/C is turned off the boards expand creating a seamless wood floor.  Pretty cool, huh?

So, if you are looking to keep tabs on your teenagers, regardless of the season, our recommendation at Direct Install LLC is to install hardwood floors – the best floors in the Ozarks for creeping teenagers!  In fact, we can provide you a quotation free of charge within 48 hours of your inquiry.  Just give a ring!

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