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Food for thought – does all carpet capture and hold smells?

You just bought a new house and everything about it is perfect for you – the location is good, the exterior of your new home is pristine, and then you walk in and get a wave of “colorful” smells which waft into and offends your nostrils.  We’ve seen it all too much.

Perhaps the previous owners had animals, maybe they were smokers or perhaps there was an accident a while back which left a smoky after-smell.  Or, it could be the place smells like dust and mothballs (like my great grandma’s house).  Whatever the case, there is a cure!

Why Does My House Smell Funny

Regardless of the smells, there are several things you can do to can that odor. 

  1. For one, you could repaint your home. Lingering smells are often a result of the paint on the walls – especially if the previous tenants were owners! 


  1. Clean your ducts and vents! There is a story about a new tenant buying a home and moving in with her children who are extremely allergic to cats.  A few days before the big move, the new homeowner did her best to clean out the home including cleaning the carpets and putting new paint up.  What she DIDN’T know was there was cat hair and litter circulating throughout the home.  When she moved her five-year-old in she ended up in the hospital a week later because of her daughter’s severe allergy to cats!  Luckily the little girl is alive and well now – after a thorough ventilation cleaning, that is.


  1. Hire a carpet cleaning company to come in and take care of the smell. To be completely honest, this sometimes isn’t enough – there have been cases where the previous owners had a carpet restoration service come in only to find the smell was still there!


  1. Another option would be to install new floors or carpet in your home (get a free bid by filling out the form here). Especially if you have carpet in your home the smells and odors may have penetrated the mat underneath.  This is why apartment homes often have a lingering smell – the property management companies don’t typically change out the carpet between tenants.  What they do instead is clean the carpets and move onto the next unit.

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